Annexation Sherehe in Moscow


during my LLB under Public international law unit in my third year, we were taught secession is legal, if people who share the same culture , language come together and hold a referendum and vote to secede . this is done especially if a people are oppressed by the govt for a long time , clearly Azov NAZIs have been oppressing the Russians in the four states going against the JUS COGENS principle .

its a legal process which is allowed under international law . thats what the four states did and its completely legal and they followed all the procedures to the letter . musidanganywe na CNN,ALJAzeera and other fake news station that Putin has broken any laws .

the four states also used the international law principle of right to self determination .

after SECESSION the 4 states decided to unify with the motherland Russia.

the illegal way of acquiring territory is ANNEXATION

but fake news channels CNN , ALjazeera watawadanganya ati it was annexation to get bullshit sympathy .
Kama ungekua unasoma news ungejua the DPR and LPR already voted to be independent of Ukraine kitambo sana. Did Kiev respect their decision? Even though the majority ethnic Russians wanted nothing to do with Ukraine, Kiev could still control them because they had the military means to do so. A vote is useless without the political/military means to enforce its outcome, which Russia has been exercising for the past 7 months. Mushienzi.