Another Forgotten hero

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Jana we met Kamoya Kimeu, leo meet Susan Gatwiri
here is her story as received.

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As inboxed.
Yesterday was having a talk with my good Nanny and i realized that this young lady represented the country in 2015 special olympics where she bagged two gold medals followed and the SOYA Awards sportwoman of the year the same year. She was in class 8 then
I Saw the photos which i took time to believe . so o went to soya awards 2015 and special olympics los angeles 2015 . she is there on soya .check on her soya (number 8.)shes Susan gatwiri
This is the sad bit:the GOK only gave her shs 70000 which she tells me(alinunulia mama yake tv 'na viti angalau when people from the ministry wakienda kwao wapate kwa kukaa. And by the way. Her home is very humble. Now because the govt couldnt remitt her money(amounting to 3.5m)she has to work for me, earn peanuts,support her siblings who are in high school, her ailing momma,her two year old son, etc,etc. I feel soo bad that she is atruggling four years later for being a patriotic citizen who did her duty well. I am very sad and pertubed. And i just pray she could get help. She is a very good lady.
She never proceeded to high school, the family was destitute.
Please share out,

cry the beloved country.
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Disabilities, unless physically obvious should be expressed in a more sensitive manner. Calling her dumb is rather crass seeing as she doesn't have any control over whatever disability she has.

If you want examples of dumb, casually scour the various pages of ktalk. And they are proud of it. Now lemme take cover..
Do u lecture us on all k-talk lexicons? Give example of alternative words you democrat.