Another white woman kills her black husband for cheating


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Eish ladies, nowadays leaving or cheating on a spouse is a death sentence. I remember the case of the mama who killed her 2 grown kids bcz her surgeon husband was marrying another woman. This are the dangers of worshiping men and being male identified, ukiachwa kichwa inaruka. Hold this men lightly, they have weakness in being faithful. Betty Brodwick killed her hubby and his secretary claiming that she built him to success then after all that sacrifice he left her for his 21 yo secretary. I don't know why men love secretaries. No need for murder. Just move on and find happiness elsewhere and in other ways . These orangutans are not worth jail for life and killing even your kids and yourself over. Let's learn to move on and understand that marriage is not a jail, any party is free to leave if they have found a greener pasture, instead of the bitterness please just thank God for the good times and do what you would have done had he died. Raise your kids and enjoy your life.