Anti Age limit protest in Uganda

Ned Stark

Village Elder
The madness in Uganda is in another level Police towed Besigye's car while he was aboard in it to the police station hua mnasema govt kukalia kiti vizuri and the silence from Western community and NGOs is deafening they don't give a crap kama hakuna interest huko minerals like Congo


Village Elder
"Ata wakitutukana mungu anawaona" lakini kusema tu ukweli sometimes Uhuru hutuangusha but labda ni ile kesi ya ICC ilimtia baridi


Village Elder
Guys like Museveni don't pass peacefully in their sleep. Life has a funny way of making sure they pay. Right now naskianga Moi ako na senile dementia.


Village Chief
Museveni diligently following in Mugabe's footsteps.
Ugandans have the right to demonstrate unlike Kenyans who enjoy too much freedom to the point of misusing it.
Things are changing soo rapidly in Uganda, M7 will have to rethink about his hold onto power. The newly elected mp for Kyadondo(Prounced Chadondo)-East Boby Wine is giving sleepless nights to the police. He is like the Sonko of Nairobi but now in the opposition.