Anxiety attacks


Village Elder
Shrinks... do you feel like you are loosing it?
My dear, I was almost losing it. Life seemed to move on autopilot. Feeling like am high na sijakunywa ama kuvuta anything for weeks. Kusahau vitu obvious like brushing my teeth. Kujipata nimechukua a wrong turn on a very familiar road. Feeling tempted to drive straight onto oncoming traffic "nione vile inaweza kua", etc. I think I was more than losing it.

I had "sessions" for 4 days last week. This week pia niko na zingine.
:D:D Finally naona @Ice_Cube amekubali umnunulie Chipo mwituu...sasa uko anxious haujui vile utajicontrol :) As an Doctor, I hereby recommend One Slim joint of marijuana(mavichwa tuu) every morning before you hit the shower but not before you do a brief workout. You will be fine.
Problem with weed is paranoia effect... reason that me quit while in campus.