Apologise to those who wrong you bcz God used them to bless you:The story of Hiram


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Baruthi wa Thayo and Jeremy wa Damaris have made me love kiyuks especially in Gulf so so united sijaona that kind of unity including kiyuks men this is what it means to be muthamaki. Not that I hated them but I admire their unity to help one another. As Bible says in Psalms 133 1&2 How joyous and pleasing it is in the sight of God when brothers stand together in unity, it is like the annointing oil that was poured on Aaron's head and run down his beard to the helm of his robes.

This is the story of Hiram, named after a Phoenician king of Tyre who was an ally of the 2 greatest Kings of Israel David and Solomon. Give your kids good names like this not Jayden.