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  1. James Mwangu

    James Mwangu New Villager

    Hi Mbugua, how can I get in touch with you? Its about trading on betfair.
  2. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    Hehehehe the village con anajiongelesha.
  3. Ice_Cube

    Ice_Cube Village Sponsor

  4. don rees

    don rees New Villager

    hi , i know your post is a little old , maybe you are still interested, besides owning 2 sports arbitrage trading programs ,( one of which is hedgingbets / saverbets program , you win or get all of your money back , the only one on the net i believe ) i have made 2704 arbs trades in the past , if you are still interested in arbing maybe you could contact me , hopefully i am allowed to give you a contact email address , donar@westnet.com.au .
    i think i can humbly say i know as much about arbs trading as any other , i have known for about 2 years how to do arbs on horse racing etc ( the leading arbs providor program on the net actually discovered how to do this about 2 months ago, i have know for over 2 years )
    the big big problem in arbing is being banned /limited by the bookies , i am certain i know how to avoid this , i want to develop a new arbs / hedging bets program , the programmers i have been using in the past are nearly useless . i want an association with a competent programmer who has an interest in arbing
    you mention you are a programmer , my stuff is all in vb.net and it would be the only code suitable to me , i have the calculators , the scraper program , the arbs checker program , the ASS check back up , the mised asian handicaps / cross market checker and calculator, the server that is running my 2 programs , these are all vb.net compatible, if you are interested please contact me either through this forum of by using the address above , thank you don rees