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So the other day after waking up to news of the launch of TECNO phantom 8 which is pretty impressive phone. After stating the features of the phone to a couple of guys when we were chatting some seemed to be disappointed in the FHD 1920*1080. So after long argument some still held on why we need a QHD/2K displays. Personally I think FHD is good enough for handheld devices since most humans eyes can't tell the difference between QHD and FHD displays. What do you think?do we really need anything beyond FHD(1920*1080)?
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If there is wqhd that's what I want if there is pOLED that's what I want I don't care whether my eye can see or not, it eliminates the need for me to want to have it in the future if required. Screenshot_20171024-215115.jpg