Asubuhi sacco



Leo imechelewa kufunguliwa. Usingizi wakati wa mvua huwa inashika kabisa. Anyway, may the Lord protect you today and bless you in all your endeavours. Amen.

In other news:

1. COOP bank's Q3 profit down 9.5%.Not surprised.

2. Finance CS says the rate cap is only a short term measure- I have a feeling rate cap will be scrapped next July.

3. Java intends to open an outlet inside USIU. Lanes!

4. In SS, my sources tell me that former chief of staff was released from house arrest yesterday night.

Fala 12

Kijana Fupi Nono Round
Good morning wapendwa, nahurumia talkers team footsibishu na hii weather kama mimi wakienda job especially boy child, pink handles najua hamkosangi umbrella. Wish me safe journey to the great county.
leo imebidi hood na mwavuli bana.fika salama na ulete busaa ukirudi


Village Elder
east of CBD kukinyesha kanakuwanga na seasonal rivers. Has anyone tried crossing ronald ngala street kukinyesha? alafu Some streets are so flooded you have to re-route and use others