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  1. Ching Cheng

    Ching Cheng Village Elder

    Screenshot_2017-08-16-00-17-46.png There is always hope at the end of the tunnel. Msijali gamblers.
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  2. Mankind

    Mankind Village Elder

    Pongezi gambler.
    Jishikie kitu Ya maana na hiyo pesa otherwise greed will tell you to gamble more with it alafu utujoin back to square one tukucheke!!
  3. Muhura Ndore

    Muhura Ndore Senior Villager

    Kabisa msito. Hongera. Muindi amenyonywa.
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  4. Mogaka

    Mogaka Villager

    Happy for you bro.
  5. jaymoh

    jaymoh Village Elder

    Hio font naishuku, screenshot the message
  6. Ching Cheng

    Ching Cheng Village Elder

    This happened a fortnight ago. U don't expect me to still be having the money, leave alone the messages.I made 11 correct predictions out of 13 on the jackpot.
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  7. Machastek

    Machastek Senior Villager

    Barnsley Won 2:1
    You picked 2
    And won the bet.... Wow!
    You did beat them.
  8. Ching Cheng

    Ching Cheng Village Elder

    I missed two games on the the jackpot, that's Barnsley and Hull City.
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