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There was so much confusion behind @Purr_27 's post yesterday. I think it came off as a request to put a complete stop to the whole idea but I don't think thats what she meant.

Adding @Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi to the list of those who can let us know more

oh yeah, plus @admin himself too


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The Prison of the Mind

People securely in prison pose no threat to those outside the prison walls. Imagine you could construct a prison - a prison of the mind - from which those inside can never threaten your power and control.

What are some of the things a psychologist of mass control might come up with?

1) "Turn the other cheek". If I'm relentlessly hurting you, stealing from you, abusing you, the ideal scenario for me would be for you not to fight back, for you to turn the other cheek and let me keep doing it. Cui bono? The abusers or the abused?

2) "Wait for the kingdom of heaven to enjoy the rewards of your earthly struggle." If I'm enjoying the pleasures of the world, I don't wish others to take those pleasures from me. How do I ensure they don't? I say to them that they shouldn't trouble themselves with enjoying themselves here and now, on this earth during these lives of theirs. They should keep rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's i.e. they should let the rich keep taking from them. They should have their eyes pointed at some future state (heaven) rather than the state of things right now. Cui bono? Those who already have, or those who don't have?
Not open for further replies.