Ati god is dead

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Self-proclaimed god Jehovah Wanyonyi is dead

Though the family of the 98-year-old insists that the father of more than 95 and husband to many is still alive, local administrators say Mr Wanyonyi died on July 18.
The leaders say Wanyonyi died as he was being taken to the hospital in Kitale after falling “very sick”

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Its true. Elijah and Moses appeared as he was departing. Archangel Gabriel was there on guard on a white horse with a fiery sword (I wondered why he left his gun).
Jehovah however raised one finger instead of two. I dont know what that says abt when he will be back.
whether he called himself god or not,whether he was god or not,this guy was one hell of a fisi. He needs to be recognised for that fact.

And please spare a thot for the 100+ members of his family. Loosing a loved one is not easy all other rumours and claims not withstanding
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