Ati Joash Onyango's 26...


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Its a complicated thing to explain but in professional football its called the football age.Believe it or not:D,there is a difference between your biological age and your "football age." For instance this football age thing can explain why Vic Wanyama is years younger than the last born in their family.:D:D
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Huyu boy ndio hunichekesha, jamaa amekauka anafanana kama yeye hukula nuts and bolts for breakfast.


Tobie Bayard Mimboe retired as a fulfilled Cameroonian footballer. During his playing career, he played for several teams in South America and China.

He even took part in two African Cup of Nations, in 1996 and 1998. However, Mimboe is remembered for his numerous birth certificates sagas. During the 1996 African Cup of Nations, he used a birth certificate which stated he was born in 1964, making him 31 years.

Then in 1997, he joined Gençlerbirliği in 1997, and his birth documents were stated as 30 June 1974, making him to 23 years old.

That wasn’t all. In the next AFCON in 1998, he the date of birth as 30 June 1970, making him 28 years. His name is etched in the Best Sports Books as the ‘Peter Pan’ of birth certificates.


The sad part is the government of Kenya knows that these ages are outright lies and allows them to prevail.
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I got this funny exerpt from the guardian "A former employee of the British embassy in Nigeria told Observer Sport that when visa applicants complained to him about having their applications rejected, he would reply: "Well don't talk to me about it, I'm dead." He would respond to their looks of puzzlement by pointing to the wall behind him, on which hung his death certificate, purchased for a small fee from a Lagos supplier. Fifa reckon they have finally come up with a foolproof way of determining real age. Ahead of last year's Under-17 World Cup in, as it happened, Nigeria, the governing body announced that players would be subjected to wrist scans using magnetic resonance imaging, and this would determine their true age"