Ati she earns 20K per month


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Is it possible to earn 20K per month online for a person with 167 fans?

Abigail Mwihaki, 19, is an avid internet user who, unlike many of her peers, makes money while at it.
For four hours a day, she goes live on an app called Streamkar to engage her fans on different topics and bond with them.
Streamkar is an innovative platform that gives talented youth an opportunity to become global stars through live broadcasting.
Abigail currently earns between Sh 15,000 and Sh20, 000 per month depending on the traffic she is able to generate to her account. She currently has 167 fans and aims to increase this number so as to earn even more.

Alexa web analysis, shows the website global ranking is 1, 464,354 and it's popular in Pakistan
huyo ndiye anamake hizo 20k
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