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  1. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder


    how much cheaper are auctioned cars compared to cars bought from a car yard?

    Looking for a pick up but iv been told that its best to try my luck at an auction.
    How true is this advice?
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  2. Prometheus

    Prometheus Village Elder

    What kind of auction? Local unit or Japan/UK/Overseas auction?
  3. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    2million other kenyans also have the same idea as you. kama unaweza pigana na cartels huko, then you good
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  4. LowRider

    LowRider Village Elder

    Auctions are rigged. Utachomeka ukikaa ndethe
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  5. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

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  6. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

    how does one go about beating these cartels
  7. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    tripple or quadruple what they offer!
  8. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

    how does one beat this system ya majambazi
  9. web guru

    web guru Senior Villager

    Cartels huwa kwa salvages ,prime properties & government disposals. If you want to buy a vehicle kwa auction this is the best time. Go to purple royal yard,its behind Klub Sidai Oleng' Kiambu road. When I get time I will post a guide on the process of auctions.
  10. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

    how much is the price difference between these cars and cars from car yards
  11. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

  12. Bigfish1

    Bigfish1 Village Elder

    Man its an auction prices aren't constant ,you have to go figure that out personally. You can't ask for a price range on auctions.
  13. web guru

    web guru Senior Villager

    There is an ISUZU D-MAX KCE .... going for 1.86 M,that's the reserve price. Compare that with the yard's prices,you can also check Volex Motors along Thika Road near Homeland they have commercial vehicles too. Having said that,I will post a guide as I said earlier so that everyone can understand the advantages & disadvantages of auctions.
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  14. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

  15. Eng'iti

    Eng'iti Village Elder

    Hio siku una post, reply to this post so that we can make a follow up
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  16. web guru

    web guru Senior Villager

    I will,thanks.
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  17. Ubongo

    Ubongo Village Elder

    Still on the same @luther had posted something close to that yesternight.
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  18. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

    Following for a friend.
  19. x-trail

    x-trail Village Elder

    BTW which yard can one get a good price for commercial vehicle which is being auctioned
  20. Cadis

    Cadis Senior Villager

    What kind of car are you looking for? I can recommend you a link so you can check it out and find the suitable price. I was able to purchased one at that site and has a good quality never been happy with what I purchased :D.