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Do they have a physical store/shop where i can go and buy electronics instead of buying them online?.
I doubt. The products most online shops display existing in other businesses selling the lowest price in the market and quote their own prices. When you place an order they go pic the product and delivere it to you. Its a business you can actually ran from home
WeThePeople tunauliza kwani unaishi wapi huko hutaki wakuletee:D
:D:D Just bad experience with online stores, i bought headphones worth 5k on a certain online shop, nikaletewa yenye sio hio, mara ingine nikaletewa different variant of the product i had odered, having them replaced was an uphill task (poor C-care). Nimeona afadhali tu kuenda kwa shop yao naku buy hapo hapo, sitaki ku buy Snapdragon niletewe MTK afadhali kuenda kuchambua huko mwenyewe.


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yes they have. at Pioneer House, Harambee Avenue
The building next to I&M Tower, Kenyatta Ave. Iko na jina funny sijui griffilian hse. Wako 2nd floor.
Pioneer house 5th floor I was there some few months ago.
Pioneer house 4th floor room 402. Thank me later.
Ni gani sasa wazito?

Pioneer house, harambee avenue?
Griffilian house, kenyatta avenue?
2nd floor? 4th floor? 5th floor room 402? Ama wako kwote?
Instructions unclear!


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Hey @afrojvck what i said up there is correct. Utapanda lift from G floor to 5th floor halafu ushuke hadi 4th floor and room 402 utaiona ukiingia tu.


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To the #TeamOkanyal Krick
I am guessing most of them have not had issues with their phones. I took my phone in for repair in May '17 and this was my experience.

Their service center is located along Kenyatta Avenue. It used to be their store before they moved to Pioneer House along Moi Avenue. The shop is small and can probably fit 9 people at a time.

There was a single guy doing the repairs. I think he is the only one in charge of repairs (There was a single seat at the repair desk)

For issues they cannot fix, the phones are shipped to China for repair.

I walked in and found 5 angry customers.

One guy bought a Samsung S7 and Avechi said he needs to take the phone to Samsung for repairs. The phone was still under warranty.
Another lady was complaining that her phone was not really fixed despite waiting for over a month.
Two other people were complaining that they have not received their phones back for over 2 months.
I don't remember what the other guy was complaining about.

I also overheard several phone calls where the receptionist was trying really hard to come down the other party on the call.

Oh, and yes, they screwed me over too. My phone's micro USB port was faulty. The phone would just stop charging after a few seconds. They fixed it but ruined the USB media transfer.

Went back the following day and the repair guy told me he would only fix the charging issue and not USB Transfer since it was not a reported issue (See their policy below for more details). Mind you, USB media transfer was working just fine before.

After much debate, the guy said the phone needs a new motherboard and I will have to pay for it.

There was no way I was going to pay for repairs that are typically covered by a warranty.
I’m also a victim of Avechi incompetent repair team. Just a month ago I took my UMI device there for repair believing that they are the best in town. My phone had a cracked screen and I would have repaired it myself if it were not for the lack of a spare parts in town.

I scrutinized my device to ensure nothing else had an issue. One of the repair guys said it would cost me 6k since they had to import the screen, which agreed. After two weeks, they called me and told me that there was a replacement screen available and I should go and pick it up. After reaching their Kenyatta avenue centre, I checked the phone for almost an hour to ensure everything was okay.

To my dismay, two things were not working… well, properly working. The fingerprint reader completely blocked me from using it and when i asked them, they told me they replaced it, which they should not have done since it is not soldered to the screen and was working previously. When I asked for the fingerprint module they took out, they told me it was not available. As a rule, if anyone replaces a fingerprint reader, he or she should flash a new OS to ensure its in sync.

Additionally, my phone signal kept having trouble connecting and when I asked them, they told me that the area has a low signal coverage. However, upon paying them and leaving, since I didn’t care much about fingerprint (afterall i can flash it on my own to secure my data) I realized the signal problem was too serious to the point it never connected to 4g or 3g in a low signal area…like my apartment.

I decided to open up the phone myself since returning it meant additional cost (according to their rules “never leave with a faulty device after repair”). I found that they also replaced the antenna cable with a faulty one and I had to replace it with a new one myself. The screen has also popped out on one side its like they didn’t use enough adhesive to keep it in place. Bottom line, never trust Avechi for repair. My advice is, get a device which has a service center from the OEM in the local market, like Samsung or LG. otherwise, in case of repair, do it yourself, or get a new device. It will save you the headache