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Sema kitu tukuskie..wewe hapana kuja kwa kijiji tu hovyo halafu natoroga?o_O
Say some something even if there is nothing to say.
In other news...Wishing quick recovery to one @Meria Mata (I hope sio Cholera ako nayo dr @Luther12...??):rolleyes:
Other enjoy your Furahiday villagers.;)


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Siijui. lakini ianike hapa ndio tuirudishe guest ama robot:D...(its illegal to have multiple handles here)
Who doesn't have an alternative handle? See, we all have two sides- the good side and the bad side. Thus, we need at least two handles. This is my good handle. The other one is.... crazy.

You would rather ban this one uniachie hio nyingine.
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