avoid single mum

/Let me give you a story that will help you,njoro was married to a single mum njambi of one he did his best to be a wonderful father and a husband.
6 years they bought a plot built and he started business for her and even trusted her with his properties
One day he had a serious accident which put him in ICU 8 mths but he managed to get up again.
Kufika aliapata baby dady amesha funguliwa business with his money,wamechukua loan with his title na kununua pickup.
Painful she was fucking that guy in his bed,kuzusha ali pelekwa karao ati attempted murder and rape. njambi ameenda na vyombo .he lost more than 3 m which alikua anamka 5 analala 2 akitafutia saitani ya mwanamke.//


Village Commissioner
Wacha kutubeba kimalenge. I have seen some single mothers who are very committed wives to their husbands despite the baggage from their hoeing days though a small fraction of them are conniving serpents.
It goes both ways. There are singo mathas (and non singo mathas) who will use you as a fool and there are those who will kill their kid to be with you.

Its up to you to discipher the persons character