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Village Elder
Leteni reviews ya hii gari bwana, the hybrid type.
I am thinking of getting one. It looks like a cheap car to maintain.


Senior Villager
I've been in that older model ya axio. Such a neat car. No bs electronics, comfortable seats and good consumption though haikuwa hybrid. I expect that the new model is similarly good if not better


Village Elder
Its cheap on fuel consumption, spare, repairs and also fun on long distance (manual)
Now 5yrs of 75k kilometers, did main service using Shameus parts 1yr ago naona inahitaji tena. Time to sell it.
i know of a guy pale lumumba drive axio yake was attampted to be stollen 3 times in one week after the bought it. ilibidi ahame from those flats zenye watu hupark nje kwa pavement aka rent huko kamakis house iko na compund. there waizi wakaruka fence and wakaiba side mirrors. ilibidi auze hio axio.
but kama unaishi central bank unaeza buy its a low maintenance car and has good fuel consumption.