Ayaan Hirsi ako na kaukora flani


Ayaan alitoka Somalia akaenda Ethiopia then Akakuja Kenya as a refugee seeking relocation
Akaenda Canada citing civil strife and war as the reason for relocation.
Canada is a safe country, Budake lakini akampangia marriage akamletea warria
Ayaan akahepa akaenda Netherlands. Huko hakusema amehepa arranged marriage
Alicite Civil strife and war.
Immediately she got into danish politics, this lie came back to bite her hard where the sun dont shine.
She even got her Dutch citizenship revoked.
She talks alot of crap about Islam. I aint no muslim but there is no way you can walk around swinging arms happy shouting how Islamophobia aint a thing.
Now she lives in the USA and cant move an inch without heavily armed people to protect her.