Baada ya dhiki huja faraja



After all the politics hullabaloo,calm has restored and it appears everyone has engaged the moving forward gear.
To all those who lost their investments to political uproars,time heals,I hope the government will do something.
To all those who perished for a course that was not theirs,may their soul rest in peace.Sadly that is how the world revolves.Today you are here ,tomorrow you are gone,with only your close relatives left to remember you.
For those who have had the blessing of seeing this day,may we preach peace and oneness going forward.

God bless Kenya,Long Live Kenya


Village Elder
The act of burning the car was wrong. Can you justify a life for metal?
imagine killing a person just for BURNING A POLICE CAR. the police should have pleaded and begged him to stop, then taken him for a state sponsored counselling sections. oh that poor stressed sot