Baba live on radio jambo


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He....he.....he thought he still has diplomatic privileges at airports. FYI even if you do, you must inform Ministry of Foreign affairs of your intended trip so that the protocol dept liases on your behalf with the other foreign countries to provide you the necessary assistance and status there such as VIP treatment, transport, clearance and immunity. Even diplomatic passport holders must get cleared by Ministry to use them or they will be held up by the foreign countries.

That said uk, usa & eu had already informed RAT two weeks ago that his travel privileges had been suspended. He was trying them on and got turned back. That humiliation was one of the reason he withdrew. Watermelon tried to fly to Ug on diplomatic status and UG wasn't aware of his visit as well. He got held up but State House UG let him through but told him to follow the usual protocol next time.


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He was? Noma saaaaaaaaaana
Foreign diplomats said they will start issuing travel restrictions on persons derailing the repeat elections. Babuon and Orengo in their typical 'no one else is right other than us' told them to keep off and mind their own affairs.
Now babuon can't travel to the US or UK and probably a host of other European countries.