Back to the hustle

I could write a book about how that goes a long way. Some day maybe I will. School fees and medical fees requests always touch my soul. Don't know whether you read my post about the Luhya boy I educated. Bila kujuana.. but introduced by a lady here that partners sponsors and the needy! The boy has done so well. Nikisoma vile watu wanasema wako na shida hapa, nashangaa sana. Orphaned in STD 5! struggled in a thatched hse with that small tawa as reading light. Gets grades that gain him entrance to a national school.

FF...I fuatiliad mpaka he got a one year contract thru a family friend after graduating. Boy is now kazanaring and am I not impressed to watch him furnish his bedsit na instalments? he had asked me for 50k to do it all up. Nikakataa...furthermore he negotiated the 2nd year contract with HR without me speaking to the Don and for more money. Am I not impressed?
Then he is now helping his big bro with schoolhandouts for his children. Am I not impressed?then he tells me vile he attended family funerals huko Western, AFTER they have happened and without asking me for money. I am v happy, my heart is the size of the Himalayas when I think about my journey with that boy.

Part 2... this how I am gonna help/guide him with bulging school fees demands as his nephews and nieces seem to be brain boxes too. I write about him as it encourages others i.e the CEO that gave my boy a job has taken on a medical student DR from a poor background and is paying everything for him.

Spreading the love!
It will never go down the drain. You will come to see the beautiful fruits of your generosity one day. Pay school fees for one needy student, then the one student will pay for 2 students, the 2 will pay for 4 and so on. After a few generations you will have established a foundation indirectly.