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Luhya elders term quintuplets born in Kakamega bad omen, want 3 of them killed Author: Masolo Mabonga UPDATED: AN HOUR AGO VIEWS: 7053 Category: Local News - Luhya elders have warned that giving birth to five children was a bad omen and only two among the quintuplets needed to live on - They have suggested three among the five be left to die to allow the two other survive -

They did not however indicate criteria for selecting children to survive and those to be terminated - The children were transferred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital after developing breathing complications Events surrounding a Kakamega woman who gave birth to quintuplets have taken a bizarre twist after Luhya elders warned that three among babies needed to be killed to save the two.

Evelyn Namukhula gave birth to the five babies on Wednesday, March 13, at Kakamega County Referral hospital only for them to be referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) Eldoret after developing breathing complications. Send 'NEWS' to 40227 to receive all the important breaking news as it happens READ ALSO: Well-wishers shower Kakamega woman who delivered 5 babies with gifts Evelyne Namukhula gave birth to the five children at Kakamega County Referral Hospital. Photo: The Standard.

Speaking to the press on Friday, March 15, elders from Namukhula's husband's family said customs dictated that a woman could only take care of two babies at ago thus the theree others needed to be "eliminated." They argued that elimination of the three would allow the mother to breastfeed and successfully raise the two other. "According to our tradition, one is not supposed to give birth to more than two children. If that happens we consider it a bad omen and the extra three children need to be eliminated. If she breastfeeds more than two she'll lose all the five,"said one of the elders R

As at Friday, March 15, Namukhula had not breastfed the babies for fear of the wrath of the anscestors. Another elder said the mother of nine needed to be applied with special traditional ointment on the mammary glands so that she could begin breastfeeding the little angels. Meanwhile, MTRH CEO Wilson Aruasa said three of the quintuplets were in stable but the others had been put under special care. “They were referred here after developing breathing complications. Among the preterm babies, two are unstable and the other three are out of danger,” said Aruasa

According to the doctor, the babies and their mother might stay at the facility for at least three months to allow doctors monitor and ensure the baby grow up well. The babies are also said to be below the required minimum weight, a complication doctors said was caused by premature birth. Hospital’s head of the paediatric unit, Eric Ngetich, said the children were born 10 weeks earlier and their survival chances vary according to their weights. The least of them weighed 820 grams while the heaviest 1.4 kilogram. Do you have an inspirational story you would like us to publish?
waluhya wa kakamega ni ma ghassia wacha nizae sita wangu wabukusu elders waniletee huo ujinga watajua hawajui , ghassiaaa .
Hello good friend I am from the same village and I can assure you there is NO such custom that exist if you follow everything this bugger called bloggers post... By now we will have no Leonard Mambo Mbotela, Kenya will be missing so many people coz they post anything to sell. They the news have spread wide they wanted to attach something on it. I no not where this Maonga man comes from but he needs to really analyse whatever he posts just a luhya trynna tarnish another luhyas name.!!!! Nothing like that ever existed in our history.