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Bad dream? Could be so. The decision is in our hands!


Village Elder

October 2027:

A Kenyan Genocide museum somewhere in Baragoi. In 2017, Kenyans consumed with deep tribal and political hatred turned against each other killing more than 1 million people. At the time, Kenya was the most progressive nation in East Africa boasting of a robust economy, modern road and rail infrastructures, expanded democracy and beautiful national parks. Internet penetration stood at 75% and they were known for interesting social media banter and creative memes.
Today, the Nairobi National Park hosts Mungiki National Front Militia. Nairobi, a once bustling city is now in ruins as different tribal militia fights for its control. Over 20 Million Kenyans now live as refugees in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Tanzanian and Ugandan Parliaments have ordered Kenyan refugees camps closed and refugees repatriated. The Western Part of Kenya is controlled by Chinkororo Liberation Army, a militia accused of crimes against humanity.
The rebels of Turkana control most of the northern Kenya. The UN has threatened trade sanctions if the rebel leader General Nenek won't stop using oil money to fund terrorism activities in Africa.
The Kenyan Coast was annexed from Kenya during a 2017-18 bloody war that left thousands dead. The new Pwani country remains internationally unrecognised and is led by a General Juhu, a ruthless warlord.
Kenya now remains a world example of how bad politics and tribalism can bring down a giant. What the refugees miss most about Kenya? Kenny Kaburu a Kenyan refugee on a wheelchair in Rwanda says he misses everything! I miss Churchill show. It was a popular comedy show that united Kenyans in a hearty laughter. I hear Churchill today entertains Burundians on the street for a meal.

Bad dream? Could be so. The decision is in our hands!
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SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/kenny.kabu...BfdZeHg7blPNT1oHjNHNJ9M_DpQtYV3mkHkJczKRPaJqw


Village Elder
Why would anyone wish the Nation such a terrible outcome, a dream from the dark realm?
What sort of decisions are you placing on mortal hands, isn’t the matter not placed at the courts. Kenya as we say is Gods.

Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create. Pope John Paul II