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  1. gerh ngo

    gerh ngo Senior Villager

    I'd like to know where I can play this sport in Nairobi.
  2. Jay Ule Msee

    Jay Ule Msee Village Elder

    Ni rare. You can buy the kits at sports house and set it up. For venue, hio Sijui lakini bedminton naeza saidia na venue. hehehe
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  3. Kdawg254

    Kdawg254 Village Elder

    Kuna watu huchezea pale karibu utalii college I can't remember the name but ni sport club ya wahindi.
    Huko ndio akina Kenya one train on I think Tuesday and Friday evenings.
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  4. gerh ngo

    gerh ngo Senior Villager

    I'm interested in playing it for fun on weekends only.
  5. Use Less

    Use Less Village Elder

    That would make two of us. If you find any useful information let me know.
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  6. 4star

    4star Village Elder

    Ruaraka sport club, Thika Road-Allsops.. Daily trainings in the evening.. They also have Friday nights tournaments and sometimes weekends
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  7. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    buy the kit, find a friend then find an open field, mostly in a university near you and then play your heart out!
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  8. gerh ngo

    gerh ngo Senior Villager

    How much is the membership fee? Wacha nitaenda huko kuuliza
  9. mchipy

    mchipy Village Elder

    used to play it in high school, tafuta ukipata nitakufuata n challenge NGO
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  10. amun

    amun Village Elder

    you can all play at the country club, badminton and tennis courts are available
  11. Use Less

    Use Less Village Elder

    Which country club? Karen, Muthaiga, Windsor, or which one?
  12. amun

    amun Village Elder

    the one in bold