Bakersfield Police Chief Briefing on the 2 missing toddler boys


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Week 3 after adopted parents reported the 2 black boys ages 3&4. FBI, drones and army tanks volunteerz and Texas Aqua search are involved though there was no amber alert issued by the police(usually happens when foul play from the parents/guardian is suspected) and police dogs could not pick up the scent of the boys outside the house where they were said to be playing with chalk before they were reported missing ,neighbors althe young couple who have 6 kids 2 bio and 4 adopted all below age 10, the 2 toddlers were the youngest. They were taken by the couple bcz their biological mom had a drug problem and their respective biological dads gladly signed over their parental rights to the state. Probably to avoid paying child support. The couple was being paid by the state to care for the kids, they have no jobs and the mother has a drug problem. Given their precarious money situation and the fact that they had enough money to buy a house in Cal City with no financing police suspect trafficking the missing boys, their phones and all devices like laptops and desktops were confiscated, their other 4 kids are under protective custody. They are with their grandparents. They will probably be interrogated by a child psychiatrist. The fact that the adoptive parents are not in police custody for going on 3 weeks now is an indication that the police are following promising leads. They either do not arrest or arrest on different charges like the case of cupcake the 3 yr old missing girl, whose body was found in a landfill the main suspect was arrested on 12 counts of possession of child porn found in his phone he was even bailed out as DNA and forensic evidence were gathered and his communications were being monitored.Other children they tried to lure with candy on the material day also testified. Shortly after him and his female accomplice were charged with capital murder and they face the death sentence.

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