Ban on 8 years old import Cars to start in July.

I think hii ni kitu poa juu itapunguza magari mingi barabarani na pia public transport ikuwe embraced ..hizi gari cheap hufanya the wrong people wakuwe motorists.i always tell people that zamani in the 90s,you had to be a brainny person and a hard worker to own a car and some vituko you see on the roads today hazikuwa coz we had intelligent people driving on our roads..or someone who had saved enough and kulad enough years in life to be disciplined..sai you have everyone with a motih,hata mtu hajasoma,bora aangukie sponsor au malicious deals.
Gari mzee zitajaa kwa bara bara. Unless they introduce a policy that will make private vehicles undergo annual inspection and deny the old vehicles operating license.

If they do that, they should also streamline public transport. introduce clead commuter trains, BRT, and trams.