But the proof of it was in the way our lips just approached each other automatically. I took off my spects and she took off hers too. We placed both of them on a nearby table. I sucked in a sharp breath of air before Barbara’s lips crushed into mine. The kiss was about half-way between a French and a Not. Everything happened so smoothly and passionately, without any talking. It was splendid.

The kiss lasted for a while, before my hands gave themselves the honorable task of pulling up her skirt and pushing down her panties. She also unbuckled my belt and pushed down my boxers and jeans. She slid her hand to my Luhya manhood, curving her palm along my erection. My eyes lit up.

I didn’t even take off my jeans completely. Neither did she take off her shoes or clothes. With her attire still on and my jeans on my knees, she stumbled with her back to the nearest couch and I came above her. The urgency was hedonistic and crude. Our coital cravings peaked. All I wanted was her body for as long as possible. I hastily pulled out a Trust CD pack from my pocket, tore the foil and wore it.

I felt a ton of glee as the tip of my cock speared into her.

She arched against the bewilderment of her tight kitty being stretched but didn’t close her eyes as her able body absorbed me inch by inch. Her body heaved as my d*ck grazed her clitoris before sinking deeper into her folds. I went all the way deep…..deep inside. She moaned and cried out my name, clutching the cushions, anything to ground her.

“Uuhh…too deep,” she muttered.

“Should I pull juu kidogo?” I just wanted to make sure she wasn’t uncomfortable.

“Noo…maintain it there. I love it..” she waved play on.

Spread out beneath me, Barbara took d*ck with gusto. She looked for something to hold onto, grabbing my shoulders. She closed her eyes and allowed the sweetness to permeate through her veins as I pumped gently into her.

With her skirt pulled all the way up, her legs couldn’t have been more appetizing. Slick and soft with contours scattered in divine patterns. My fingers brushed the skin of her thighs, massaging gently, never losing contact. It was as if I wanted to remember every movement of my fingers along her skin

Her breasts pushed up high in her top, swelling to their fullest. I slid my cock in and out of her, pushing deep into her core, knowing just where to curve and rub to get her where I wanted her to be.

Flames were shooting all over our bodies. I felt like had never known another woman’s body quite like this, navigating her punani as easily as I traced my fingers over her lips, reading her and relishing her in like the page of a beloved book.

“So. So. Nice.” she moaned. The words came out in parts.

Barbara’s palms explored my pecs, sliding over the silky terrain. A few stray hairs tickled her fingers and the smell of Cupid’s scent mixed with her perfume teased our lungs

.My mouth seized hers in stormy desire once more. I covered her lips with mine once and, with infinite gentleness, began to move differently inside her, withdrawing almost all the way and slowly plunging deep, steadily increasing the tempo of my driving strokes, giving and giving and giving until Barbara was wild beneath me. She conceded to all I was doing to her. Conceded to everything she felt.

Her arms wrapped around me again and her fingernails bit into my back and hips, clutching me to her, while the passion raging inside her built into a holocaust, and still it went on and on, until it threatened to explode in long soul-destroying bursts of extravagant pleasure.

Gathering her into my arms on the soft cushions, I shoved my fingers into her hair, kissing her with fiery urgency, and drove into her with more acceleration. When my parted lips moved insistently against hers, she welcomed the suggestive invasion of my tongue. Our tongues met for a dance as ageless as time. She sucked on mine like she was extracting some juice from it, and I groaned, the rumble reverberating down my body. There was a hard edge to my hunger at that moment. A deep, insatiable need that she felt do
side her soul.

My hands then slid to her cheeks. Cradling her lovely face between my palms, I ordered erotically, “Look at me baby.” Somehow Barbara managed to surface from her sensual daze; she forced her lids open and looked into my scorching ravenous eyes. The moment she did, I drove into her with a force that tore a tumultuous moan from her throat and made her body arch like a bow.

The deep raw hunger kept us going for several minutes before it brought a sudden surge of liquid from my body. I came and so did she, right after me. as she clasped me tighter and moaned with the exquisite sensation. I froze, my eyes clenched shut. My shoulders and arms taut, I stayed there inside her, unmoving.

We lay still for a while without saying a word, my d*ck still inside her. When I pulled out and took off the CD, she finally spoke;

“Can I stay until kesho morning.?…..I don’t feel like leaving.” she inquired.

“Didn’t you say you have plans?”

“I was actually going to some guy’s house for a sleepover later in the day. He’s been begging for sex and I was considering it but after meeting you I think I’ve changed my mind. Na hata I don’t find him that interesting.”

“Sawa…you can stay.”

“Thanks…..” she replied, before kissing me again.

And just like that, another guy had missed out on pu**y because of me.

Did I feel guilty? Hell no!! Survival for the fittest!! pu**y for the