Barren ladies

I feel sorry for that wife of yours. 5 years ago she made a terrible decision of choosing you as her life partner. Now that she lost an ovary she is not supposed to put on make-up or get her hair done? She is supposed to live like a chokora? Nkt! You want to know why she's mad? Coz she is having difficulty getting pregnant and the one person she trusted the most in this world is not supporting her. Instead you are here complaining about her makeup. If you really cared you would have been here asking about ARTs not kicking your wife when she is already down. And her uterus is still intact why do you want to waste money on a surrogate? Good luck to you and your wife.
Hmmm ur right she disserve it all bt probo is shes looks not worried about her naturr i look like am the only one who cares


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Am married to this chick for 5 years and wev tried to get kids then a few months ago she lost one off her overies things just went bad koz now i knew she wont give birth bt the funny part is i thot this would humble this lady bt no she mad all the time she wants makeup and hair money every month am like bitch u knw u can have kids y de f**k u busting my balls for
Story short is how can i get strength to be hia each day as i hear pple beening called daddy and stuff am loosing grip each day i look at her
She could be playing you or she is nutting


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I support my kid and we have an agreement na baby mama i have my kid from friday to sunday and holidays[/QUOTE)
What you have been doing for your child is great. Please walk this rough, unpleasant path with your wife. Don't write her off yet. My lady friend who had 13 fibroids removed several months ago became a mother this August. Doctors had given her only 3 months to conceive after the surgery. She had a bigger challenge because of her health condition plus her advanced age(over 40 years). We all couldn't believe she just delivered a healthy baby boy. She proved all of us wrong by her faith and endurance. If she could pull through all this, what about a 25 year old woman? Don't give up on her, miracles still happen.