1. Happy 54thJamhuri Day to the entire Ktalk family and Kenyans at large.
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  1. Melk95

    Melk95 New Villager

    Anyone who knows a basketball tipster. Share please
  2. Kalintosh

    Kalintosh Senior Villager

    There are numerous on Telegram. Empoli Armani will win today. CSKA Moscow will win too.
  3. Jaymosheriff

    Jaymosheriff Senior Villager

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  4. aleki

    aleki Village Elder

    Am kinda pa pro but I prefer the over/under market
  5. Melk95

    Melk95 New Villager

    Share. How can i contact you?
  6. aleki

    aleki Village Elder

    Check inbox nkupee telegram link...mradi ulete ya macho
  7. Melk95

    Melk95 New Villager

  8. 1776

    1776 Village Elder


    she's good. pale telegram.
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