BBI Referendum Supporters Register: My name is on the list but I never signed


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IEBC has generated a list of he referendum supporters here: Kindly download and confirm that you were registered rightfully. I am on the list but I never signed. Which means only one thing: This registered was generated by the vifaranga za computer and that BBI is being forced down the people's throats... Prove me wrong.... Warning: There are 2 PDF documents. I downloaded 1 document which has over 15,000 pages and is 104MB... And is not sorted in any order!
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Lazima kieleweke... by force by fire :D
Exactly! But they could have done a better job! Good night! In a couple of days, kina Itumbi will have debunked this list and will be left with only a few genuine signatures! But it will still be pushed down our throats! One requires a good device to download the over 100MBs documents, then have a good memory and processor to search text in unindexed, unsorted document 15,000 pages long! And I bet the disorganization and dumping such huge docs instead of USSD or normal SMS search/ verification is meant to disorient over 99% of ordinary Kenyans! Then, like me, if your are listed wrongly, you will have to write a formal letter to protest to IEBC! Why not USSD to verify and if you are listed and should not have been, it asks you to remove your entry? Even this will work for a few of us interested in tech!
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