Be Warned.. and very careful

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Village Elder
"Yesterday I went home very late from an official function and because i had no other means of transport, i decided to use a bodaboda, ok the boda man had 2 helmets,he gave me one nikavaa, then tukaenda, on arriving home, i alighted, paid the guy and left.

As I approached our gate, I saw the boda guy following me, I quickly changed direction and started moving away from the gate but the guy continued following me, I moved faster, the guy increased his speed, nikajua nikunoma nikaanza kukimbia design ya Moses Kuria, wacha nikimbie, wacha anifuate, nikaingia kichakani and the guy followed me, wacha tukimbishane, tukapelekana kwa muda but after kuhema sana, nikajikakamua kimwanaume, nikasimama and I faced the man, nikamuuliza, mbona unanikimbisha?

The guy replied,softly, nipatie helmet yangu.

I was like ooh my goodness, I am so sorry. I removed it and handed it to him."
(borrowed and shared)
Not open for further replies.