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So you have a nice job with a multinational company, live in a nice house in the suburbs through a mortgage loan, drive a nice Japanese car, married to a beautiful woman with two lovely children, you are a very good provider financially to your family, they have everything they would possibly need, you even bought the new vitz for your wife, so you feel very good about yourself, your wife and kids are lucky to have someone like you in their lives

Monday to Thursday you get to the house after 10pm, Friday and Saturday you sleep in places unknown only to show up on Sunday evening looking as fresh as a daisy

Your wife has complained numerous times about your behaviour but you do not understand what the fuss is all about, after all you provide everything she would possibly need , she should be happy

A few years down the line you find out that your beautiful wife has been sneaking out on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons when you’re not around, she comes over to my house to fulfil her womanly needs that you never provide to her, you think money is everything and it should meet all her needs, but you’re wrong

Needs like Love, affections, communication, showing some attention, commending her, appreciating her etc, are very important to a woman and are priceless, if you can’t provide them, somebody else will, and it just happened to be me.

Now you have gone ballistic and you want to blame me for your mistakes, you say am trying to destroy your family but the truth is that it’s you who’s destroying your family not me, all I have done is to give her what you neglected give to her

Your threats will not bother me, you know as much as I do you’re no match for me, I flex more financial power then you could ever imagine, I could get rid of you with a snap of my finger, but I will not do that, your wife and kids need you

I also know you are in Kenyatalk, that’s why am putting this here, read it and be warned, plus amend your ways if you want to save your marriage


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reminds me of a guy 2011 huko mikindani, tailor in hood who used to dry fry someones wife. He was caught one day, hubby akauliza wife, "amekupiga soti ngapi?", amenipiga tatu. the wife was ordered to bring arimis. poor dude was sodomized, same and equal rounds. FUNZO...eating someones wife is stupid.


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@byro naskia coast ni noma. Kula wyf wa mjamaa nairobi ama western ama nyanza but wa coast pwani chorea kapsaaaaar.... no wonder in coast cases of cheating are like schools in garrisa. Moja moja 2 ndio unapata.


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hahaha shida yake, hizi ni shida za marying due to societal expectations.If you are not ready to settle down wachana nayo, play the field ukichoka tulia, iwe funzo kwake

Bhangi Iwe Huru

hold up... hold up... If you have more financial power than the other guy, why do you have to resort to eating someone else's wife? Hiyo pesa yote you can't get your own? Ama are you a public service?


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this scene repeats itself over and over again in our modern society, many can say wives of today are loose, but the truth is that the men are to blame, no wife will go cheating on her husband just for the sake of it, she will only do it for a very substantial reason
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that woman must be really lucky...a mpango Wa kando threatening her "cheating" man???
Damn,. How about this, si you two guys just hook up. Its obvious she's sexually starved (most women are) and you seem like the guy every woman wants (you listen and give her a good ***).

Spare the other lame guy the trouble and take the wife and her you got the money ama?
As a reformed Fisi, i categorize the above as hekaya.Unaweza aje kuwa unamanga wife ya jamaa uko na pesa kuliko? it don't work like that brasa, tuulize sisi ma experts! Anytime i see such a woman trying to make moves, i read gold digging or a set up , hapo na jichomoa.
Secondly, judging by the way you have described his financial powers and you claim to flex more, Then you are in the wrong class of men.You are exposed to better, safe and more beautiful girls than someones wife.unless your eyes are misplaced somewhere between the butt cheeks.Hii Hekaya pereka hukooo....................................................^ Loliondo
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