Beautiful influencial women married to the wrong men

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Senior Villager
1. Betty Bayo – Her marriage
to fake pastor Victor Kanyari is
now hanging by a thread after it
emerged that he has been
conning his followers using fake
2. Ann Kiguta – She once
revealed that her baby daddy
could physically abuse her and it
was just by God’s grace that she
managed to end their temporary
3. Lillian Muli – They are both
devils …… Her ex-husband who is
now a CEO after finishing his
Master’s from UoN is a smooth
player and was actually seen by
paparazzis in Papweza Mombasa
with some young girl two weeks
ago. Lillian on her part was also
cheating on him. There were also
rumors that Kanene beat Lillian
often for cheating on him.
4. Esther Arunga – According
to her, she had no idea that her
husband was a bad man who
would kill their son because she
was always blinded by love.
5. Julie Gichuru – Rumor has
it that her husband is a drunkard
and a very insecure guy who has
physically abused her many times
and even at one time slapped her
outside Nation Centre.
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