Beauty Queen of the eve:-Diana Marua


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Huyu mama najua ameboo kale kaboy Bahati mbaya ni vile kanashindwa kutoroka. P*ssy is too wide(Ona mdomo+3kids), hana figure hana matako ni mrefu na boobs kubwa tu.


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Hekaya swafi sana iko but for another day. Anyway, she's never been a single mother, she used to take care of her younger sisters kids, one had twins and the other a boy. She's generally a very nice person, though I think she over does the makeup nowadays.
I remember asking her why she's active on Instagram, she had like 12,000 followers back then, and she said she wanted to be an influencer (had no idea what that was then).
Never been a vixen,but used to hang around this celebs when she worked for an ad/marketing agency. She was actually a brand ambassador for Nivea and Safaricom back in the day.

If you know, you know.
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