Best Bible teaching ever

Jesus ask his disciples, “Who will carry a stone for me?”

All the disciples agree that they will, and they all proceed to pick up different size rocks. Peter, being a bit more clever than the others, picks up a small pebble of a stone and slips it in his pocket. With rocks i two, the disciples follow Jesus across the countryside until it is dusk. They stop, set up camp, wondering what they are going to eat.

Jesus says to his disciples, “Hold out your stone.”

They all do and Jesus miraculously turns them all to bread. Most of the disciples eat and are satisfied. Peter, snacking on his pebble-sized stone, goes to bed hungry. The next morning, they break camp. Before they are about to leaving, Jesus again says, “Who will carry a stone for me.”

This time, a bit wiser, Peter finds the largest boulder he can carry. He lifts it on his shoulder and follows Jesus across the countryside. Near the end of the day, Jesus leads them to the side of a river. He then tells his disciples to throw their stones into the water. They all do. Then Jesus proceeds to walk.

Tired and still quite hungry, Peter gets upset about what just happened. Knowing his heart, Jesus turns to Peter and asks,

“Who were you carrying the stone for?”

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