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  1. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    Our broadcasters transmit in Standard Definition (SD) hakuna HD signals here.
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  2. Quadro k4000

    Quadro k4000 Village Elder

  3. vuja de

    vuja de Village Sponsor

    Maybe Kiss TV
  4. Kirwa

    Kirwa Village Elder

  5. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

  6. Kunyaza

    Kunyaza Village Elder

    Maybe uwatch zile songs za SDA pale HCK..Huwa HD
  7. Giggz

    Giggz Village Elder

    To fully appreciate the picture quality in a 32 inch Tv and above, watch from 7ft and above
  8. Giggz

    Giggz Village Elder

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  9. Giggz

    Giggz Village Elder

    Most transmit kwa 576i SD except maybe Kiss Tv. Sayare used to be 3GP i have not checked for long
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  10. Kunyaza

    Kunyaza Village Elder

    All of them, even kiss TV. I remember time nilibuy Bien sports, macho ikaona HD, I lost taste ya local stations.
  11. officiale

    officiale Village Elder

    Kiss TV ni 480
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  12. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    U can either go Dstv and commit yourself with monthly bills (bad idea)
    U can go FTA and enjoy a wide variety of channels in true HD it's a new whole level of entertainment utakua unatoka job unakimbia Kwa hao mbio.
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  13. Azenga

    Azenga Village Elder

    Bamba shine tv is 720p,Aviation tv is 3gp
  14. klevgit

    klevgit Village Elder

    KBC & K24 are to some extent palatable
  15. mtuko2

    mtuko2 Senior Villager

    Sisi wagonjwa ya asas iko some hd chanells at 91.5e hapo ndio utajua digference in quality
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  16. Sterphyle

    Sterphyle Village Elder

    Nunua Bein sport decoder and experience real HD hizi channel za Kenya zote ni potato quality(rubbish)
  17. Ken_Sarro

    Ken_Sarro Village Elder

    Hii Bien Sports nimetamani siku mingi but its like a gem, no one has exact details about it. Chanua mimi kidogo on that. Hio decorder inapatikana wapi? what is its price? What does it offer?