Best decoder transmitting HD Quality


Village Elder
satellite TV is better but not necessarily HD. Digital terrestrial is too compressed and will look bad even on a small TV. It not about the decoder but the signal you are receiving.
the other thing is that you might have bought a TV too big for your room. In kenya you have to watch TV from a distance because resolution is low. The other solution is to install unlimited internet and watch true HD from there.
To fully appreciate the picture quality in a 32 inch Tv and above, watch from 7ft and above
U can either go Dstv and commit yourself with monthly bills (bad idea)
U can go FTA and enjoy a wide variety of channels in true HD it's a new whole level of entertainment utakua unatoka job unakimbia Kwa hao mbio.


Village Elder
Nunua Bein sport decoder and experience real HD hizi channel za Kenya zote ni potato quality(rubbish)
Hii Bien Sports nimetamani siku mingi but its like a gem, no one has exact details about it. Chanua mimi kidogo on that. Hio decorder inapatikana wapi? what is its price? What does it offer?