Best time to buy shares


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The market crashed. If I traded the local market, I'd try to fade the irrational move by going long early. By the time confidence resumes I just cash in.


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Whats ur theory boss on choosing these
CIC best performing in its sector. With its new branches expected to make a break even, the only drawback is the equity market which is temporarily on a downturn. Get in under 5.5 and sell before book closure in March next year.
Then buy me two beers with your capital gains.
ICDC- heavily invested in real estate. More sales worth a B expected this year. A jubilee govt will favor their coal project on lamu. 2 rivers performance expected to improve 2017. An there's of course the small matter of the 1.2bob div books closure on Sep 29th which will keep its price steady or even marginally rise despite OUTP/RWNBP campaigns. Sell before books closure for at least 10 pc gains in the short term.

Kenol kobil one word: Ohana. Look him up. Any opp to board that bus should not be wasted.