Village Elder
Make sure that you are betting with money you can afford to lose.I know this is a cliché in the betting world but it cannot be emphasized enough.
Don't use money intended for rent,food etc where you find yourself waiting for a team to score so that you can be able to pay your rent or buy food the following day.
You should have a betting bank separate from your normal budgetary money.Don't bet more than 5% of this betting bank per bet.This 20k you are betting today should be 5% of your bankroll meaning you can afford to even lose the next 10 bets without going mad and broke.
At any moment even the surest of the most safe bet can go belly up.Often enough a mad referee will award a penalty or dish out a red card against you favourite team.You are left squirming in you seat wondering why the evil forces of bad luck always conspire against you.
Good luck,you'll need it.
*end of my sermon*