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Village Elder

For the young man with oranges
For the lord of the mountain
The one who escaped from the prison
And who was humble since he was a child
The one who knew how to take good care of Culiacán
For his people to fight
He is already going back to La Tuna, he is Don Joaquín Guzmán
Here we ran
into each other Here at the bars without cracking
At the edge of these walls
Remembering my
yesterdays Smoking a good cigarette
Here I am without losing my mind
Because there is Chapo for a while and the link is still strong
They did not have the faculties
Those of the authorities
To make the roll very clear They just
wanted to put me in the hole
They forgot the keys
And those I financed yesterday
Today they pray to some saint and others think about running
And there he goes, compa Ariel Camacho
Wherever he is, old man
And pull the guitar player, compa, Iram
Puro Hijos De Barrón
And this is Enigma Norteño, compadre, is there another?
Iván, I left you in charge
Together with Alfredo, your brother
With the structured team
My compadre Licenciado
He has always given me his hand A
year and a half lasted my grip
People from Badiraguato, here we continue to a million
The Nike tennis I wear well
And that black Levis
Meditating very well the steps
I did not deal with the bullets
To get out of this confinement
Once I checked my power
Because if I once did it Today I did
it again
With that super eleven
And waiting for twelve o'clock
I leave the message to my friends They
already know that here with me
There is no cart that gets stuck
And although many want my end
This time from the Altiplano the General strikes them