Bibi ya Mtu


Village Elder
So i have been working from home for quite sometime now and always during afternoons when the sun goes away I move to the Balcony with My Laptop I have set a table amd a seat there with pure ambience of Houses and Coffee Bushes. Aparently there is this One woman sijui kama ni housewife ama househelp she is beautiful kama ni househelp she must be a relative to the Household and on several occassions I have seen her seeing me thru the window Braless while caressing her self another time she stood on top i dont know a chair ama kitanda since most probably thats a bedroom window while naked and watching me for some minutes hadnt noticed and when our eyes met she smiled and closed the curtain. Yesterday she was winking to me. Sijui kutaendaje juu the Fisi in me is all in nataka nikamue hio Ghaseer as soon as possible. She has won. Elders mnanipatia advise gani before I go down this Road.

Azor Ahai

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Dem dayz kuna flat nilikuwa naishi naenda rooftop kuota jua. Opposite kulikuwa na another flat balconies zimeface side ya flat yenye nilikuwa naishi. I saw two naked women kwa balconies wakitoka kuhung towels on the same afternoon different floors. Nikajiuliza, why do women feel comfortable kutoka kwa balcony ku-hung towel wakiwa uchi when they think nobody is watching...Wanatoka na confidence without thinking of observers from other apartment blocks.
Najaribu kuelewa ni nyumba gani izi balcony ya msee iko adjacent na bedroom ya msee mwengine. After that najaribu kuelewa tena ni dirisha gani izi ziko clear as day unaweza ona mtu ndani. Shenzi, tell the story as it is acha kuongeza porojo mob
:D:D:D unakuanga meffi ya mtu lakini leo nakubaliana na wewe..hii no hekaya ya abunuwasi
@rexxsimba considerate ni wewe...beast mode mpaka akue traumatised.
Women are confident with nudity coz they know they have beautiful bodies...had a wife in colle who was always nude when in doors and made me sleep in the nude for quite a while...ive never had so much sex...sijawahi elewa vile mwanaume husema ati nimechoka na dame fulani...that statement should only be made by married men.