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This isn't a hekaya but a real on going story ; @gashwin here is my story

I had a girlfriend called Nasimiyu in early 90's. She was my first love,oh brother how I loved her. Since we were teenagers we dated and loved each other. i knew i will marry her. What used to arouse me more was her powerful pungent sweat from her armpits, it always smelled worse than sulphur dioxide but this was very arousal to me.My sister never liked Nasimiyu for reasons only known to women world and Nasimiyu knew it. As a resultant of this we always had to make out/have sex inside maize plantations because my "simba" was a no go zone. We had one specific spot inside a former mp maize plantation - we nicknamed it "shimakotolo"

Little did it be known to me that my primary school math teacher( Mr Wafula) was sleeping with Nasimiyu too .It really hurt to the core when I came to meet them flirting and holding hands on their way back home at around 8pm along the politician maize plantation, meaning our shimakotolo protocol had been violated by an alien-Mr Wafula.So I arranged a meeting with her one day later and expressed my dissatisfaction about her recent profound behaviors with Mr Wafula .... we made out that evening, Im telling you villagers i had a steamy,violent ,rough,wild and angry sex that i have never had in my life so as to reconcile our differences.

She told me after 2 months later that she has missed her monthly dues payable to Eve(Adam's wife) and that she realised her clothes aren't fitting her anymore.With the little homescience knowledge i had ( though it was not my favorite subject except 2topics i mean only 2 topics - "practicals in cooking" and "Puberty" topics. I used to get instant and spontaneous erection whenever i reach "puberty" page of that home science dark blue book).After this catastrophic news of clothes being tight on her, we started having difficult time in our relationship and also visiting our shrine "shimakotolo" became a challenge and this brought tension. I told my sister who never liked her the whole story and about the teacher dating her also. My sister is a no joke ,and like William Tell she decided to do investigation to save the brothers from being the shame of the Bikeke village .Of course when the third month dues to eve went missing i knew it was time to do what my predecessors villagers of bikeke always do- deny, deny, deny the pregnancy. I told her one day that kid wasnt mine it belongs to Mr wafula. Nasimiyu cried and was so heartbroken

With the help of my terrorist sister, the pregnancy was concluded not be mine and it was the teacher Mr Wafula who later decided to own it and till last year december he knows the kid is his though married.

How time flies . I left Bikeke village to find a job in Nairobi in the year 1995.I found a job and forgot all about Bikeke- my hilly village . I got married the following year and started a family almost immediately. My parents migrated to another village called Sabwani village because of rampant and unacceptable male habits my younger brother developed . His erratic behaviors were blamed on me for setting a bad example when I was his age.I used to visit my old folks in their new found village Sabwani time to time. So beginning of last year I decided to go to our old village Bikeke. I had not stepped there for almost 20 yrs after Nasimiyu became pregnant . I had purposely gone to see my friend Profus Wanyama-PW. I was welcomed with a steamy Busaa that had been manufactured by Mama Wekesa. I was meant to understand it was made with maize from Jirongo's farm (prominent politician ) ooh how I missed that Busaa all these years I was gone .

As the night progressed our conversation with PW(Profus Wanyama) became heated full of joy and tears . The dreaded moment finally came when PW became tensed up and squinted his face. I knew something bad is coming . " Do you remember msichana aliyetunkwa mimba na Mr Wafula?" I tried to remember hard then it hit me that her name was Nasimiyu-my first love!!! I SOBERED up gentlemen because most men rarely forget the first woman who truly snatched virginity from them -willingly .

PW went on saying she delivered a baby boy who got educated with the father -Mr Wafula(my math teacher)till he was done with high school and got an A in KCSE. Nasimiyu got married with another teacher and handed over the son to my former math teacher/rival because we luhyas believe kids belong to fathers and if mother leaves the home, they handover children to the father .

Mr Wafula son was always bright in school in addition to having an A in Kcse from Chesamisi high school in the year 2012, he won green card and left for USA in the year 2013. PW story became more interesting when he mentioned that this boy decided to file for the dad to move to USA in the year 2015. As usual the US Embassy asked for DNA.For the first time in my life I felt like vomiting, urinating and excreting fecal matter when PW said that Mr Wafula failed DNA test hence denied visa to migrate... .I looked at Wafula straight in the eye... he laughed as he whispered slowly in our bukusu language " rumors around has always been that, that boy is your son ,you have the same shape of the head, same structure of shoulder blades and flat wide nose different from Mr wafula's.

I stood up angry and in protest I kicked the Busaa mtungi which was being shared with other villagers sitted in a circle siphoning that precious hallucinant by use of mrija (long straws connected all to the base of busaa pot).This angered other siphoners for messing up their only short lived happiness in life found in that mtungi.To cut story short, I left for Nairobi the following day and went to my investigative sister who is married to an kikuyu businessman and told her what I came to find out from Bikeke village. She did her investigation as usual but this time it was digital-facebook and the boy has our family shoulders,strange looking forehead and flat wide nose. My sister traced Nasimiyu-my first love and asked her about the boy in America.She told my sister she knew from birth that that boy(Wanyonyi)was your brother's but I laid it on the teacher because you terrorised me and also the teacher had money to educate and take care of the pregnancy unlike your brother who was only good in areas to do with "shimakotolo shrine/sex". Which brings me to mention that women are the smartest creatures on earth.

Last year December 2015 was the toughest time of my life. Currently my wife has 5 girls and we have tried all styles and voodoo to find a son in vain. So with the evidence from my treasured investigative sister, GOOD/BAD news from US embassy on DNA and talk round the village I know he is my son.

My dilemma is:
1 I don't know how to break the news to my wife that I was a village cockerel with outside wedlock son
2 I don't know how to approach my son since it's a sensitive issue
3 I don't know how to face Mr Wafula and thank him for taking care of my boy
4 My son is coming this december 2016 to visit her mom.Should i arrange meeting him or should i let the mother do most of the work? Nasimiyu doesn't want to talk to me after i did what my predecessors did -deny deny deny

5 Most importantly my supposedly son is a child sired outside wedlock ,there is a tradition to performed to such kids which will make him lesser in terms of inheritance of my father's 2 acre ancestral land. I already love him and he is the hope to carry the name of our family since he is the first born grandson. i don't want any lesser of him in terms of hierarchy

His plane will be landing next week friday 9th december 2016. i'm losing weight cant eat and very thoughtful and tensive about my blood line coming.. what can i do
Great hekaya
i would love to point out something ;

1 i love my 5 daughters so much of which one of them has just passed KCPE with over 400 points, so i have never seen anything less of them. My eldest daughter (born when we had no money to buy decent food) has finished her KSCE from a famous missionary school in Misikhu and she is a bright kid.So yes i love all my children to death.

2 My english might not as good as another writer @Kasighau sized me up but ill point out that if i write in my bukusu language as he had suggested, only few will get my story and that's not my idea.But kisangau is a good writer and have read his articles -very intelligent guy.

3 Being at tender age of 16 you have a mind of a little kid- try to imagine this 4 years earlier you were 12. I remember when i was 4yrs old both my two testis had not migrated to my scrotal sac.Down there looked like an ugly skin hanging loose with no stones to bear its gravity down. My brothers made fun of me.This caused discomfort and worry to my both papa and mother who decided to take me to basalii (waombaji) to cast demons from me -story for another day. A miracle happened when i was 8yrs, the 2 golden stones was handed as a gift from my ancestors to me according to basalii (waombaji)

So knowing you have impregnated a school girl and you are still in school too is a heavy load for itself to bear. I have "marehemu" wengi sana hapo bidii (neighboring village) who committed suicide when they learnt that they have became fathers even before their own fathers stopped manufacturing brothers and sisters for them. So to deny was the only alternative i had at that age.

4 I don't want to go to America to live,maybe visit. I have gone there 4 times ever since i went up the corporate ladder.Recently i was in UK to market our sacco. I had a chance to file asylum and get work permit in Boston 2010 but didn't want the offer because of my girls .So there is no way i want my son back for the sake of going to USA.

Im traditionalist and my culture defines me and i'm not ashamed of it. Thanks to @pamba and @Deorro and specifically @Shabba Ranks who has clearly aligned himself with my culture,tradition and how i feel as a Bukusu. As promised ill come back with more stories about what happened next week or thereafter.
4 years later, kwani things dint go well. Tupe hekaya