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This is one of the things i think when I'm high on herbs

All these billionaires around the world who's net worth is above 30 billion.

And we are 7 billion people around the world. Lets take it to 8 billion aprox.
Now if all theses billionaires meet and gather their money and give each person a million dolla. That means 8 billion dollars given and they are going to stay rich whatsoever.
Lets take an example of bill gates, he has 70 billion in hard cash and assets.
If he gives each person a mil, he would still stay rich. Plus the people around the world become financially stable.
Seems logic ama its just the herbs?


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:D:D you need economics lessons.

Ukipea watu pesa bure then economy inaisha. Since everyone will be on a buying spree. Workers who worked in factory quit work wamekuwa mirrioneas. Industries go kaput. Low production inafuata. A lot of demand for goods and the money in circulation makes cash lose value and inflation to set in and everything goes down


70 billion = 70,000 million
akipeana 1 million dollars per person atapatia 70,000 people pekee.... add to the other birrioneas na hautafika hata a million people

halafu you forget most of this wealth is tied in shares, so will he be able to sell let's say even 50 billion worth of stock?