bills in ke.


Village Elder
only 3 bills were passed and assented to in 2020
1 in 2019
4 in 2018
4 in 2017- election year
1 in 2016
17 in 2015
7 in 2014
19 in 2013- election year


2008- 6
2009-2010- change of constitution process , few bills in parliament.

your mps are really over working for the people! women reps have never introduced any bill championing girls rights since 2013 yet njoki ndung'u came out with a very strong bills yet she was nominated for only 1 term.
am sure 3 or less will be debated on between now and 2022!


Village Sponsor
The most important bill to pass as law is the Tea bill 2020 by Senator Aaron Cheruiyot of Kericho county. The 20 years journey to reform KTDA from multinational and local cartels eating from farmers sweat has come to an end. Now the bill is in court by the same multinationals but I'm glad the judge refused to play ball or take the huge bribe. He just gave them 6 months to readjust their operations to the bill as he hears the matter in court.