Bingwa Scrotum's Deduced Guide to Winning Election Petitions

King popeye

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Post Election:

Hide your intentions. In concurrence to Robert Greene's you-know-what. Immediately reveal your intentions of not going to court, expressly and unsolicited. Talk and demonstrate to use the sovereign right of the people; patriotic people. The opposing side believe you. They are then caught off guard when you file a 25k pager. They file a 20 pager, hahaha. Dudes or mabwege, its a PRESIDENTIAL PETITION not a prices and position (utanipea doggy?) bargain with a whore at tea-room.

Now in the court room:

Respect the judges. Soothe their egos
Salute to senior counsel Ngatia. Ahmednassir is a significant cause of the loss. Common sense dictates that if u want to be heard and LISTENED, be nice, be nice, be nice.

Acknowledge the reason for your past failure and attack it: "there's a dedicated effort to mislead this court to dwell on technicalities rather than substance." Now judges are alive to your cause.

Avoid celebrity lawyers. Choose your lawyers wisely. Personally, i have 2 running cases in our judicial system. I have been a party to 9 cases so far and lost only one. I choose brilliance over name. Hey jubilants, what was ahmednassir and PLO 's reason for hiring again?

Nimechoka kuandika.

(The writer is A- in '94. Double masters degree hokder from UoN. PhD candidate Uon. Globally published. Caveat: takes mind altering drugs to dampen his high IQ, psychiatric issued)
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