Bitcoin Seminar


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A pal of mine early during the day sent me a notification of a bitcoin seminar that takes place on Saturdays.

From the sound of things, it's ringing all the bells of a pyramid scheme.

Obviously they tried to market it to me like "oh hakuna mtu anachukua pesa zako wewe unafanya kila kitu pekee yako" mara mining mara holding bla bla bla

Needless to say I am not going to attend because I ain't ready to lose the little money I'm making (or not). He on the other hand has put in 390k into it. It was his pension/gratuity after working for some years.

Anyone with experience or knows someone who has done this? Afadhali nipoteze doh hapo kwa ma pmse (poor man's stock exchange)



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Kuna jamaa anjiclaim they are an NGO that focuses on health and economic empowerment inviting you to a seminar kumbe ni a gnld, swissgarde MLM ghasia. One day nitatoa hekaya ya my involvement with these MLM's in US kwanza moja inaitwa sijui Amway (changed name to sijui wot). Saitan I tell you.


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I thought as much. Wacha tu nimpee a small test. I'll tell him to go and try withdraw we hear what they say. Or he tries to sell and we see kama kutakuwa na hekaya.