Black Man bullying woman - insane


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BTW I want to thank the man who returned my wallet. This evening on my way from work. I dropped it while exiting the lift there were so many people. I didn't notice it had dropped. I was in a crazy hurry so hata sikuskia akiniita. He practically run after me to gimme back my wallet. There's some great guys out here. God bless him and may he never lack in Jesus name. So honest and so kind. Btw it's not the first time. Another day I dropped some stuff and I didn't even realize it in the streets of Nairobi and a man picked it and gave it to me. God bless them all and may they never ever lack in Jesus name.

OK. Here's the video. Why should any man harass a woman like this, is this fair even if you want to practice red peeling that a woman can't say no to man so you just need to keep escalating your approach. Please men respect women's personal space. You don't have to bcm a nuisance for women to sleep with you or woteva this kind of madness is about.