Black paratroopers suing Army claim soldiers put up Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler in their barracks


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Low IQ black kenyans suffer racism from jungu soldiers stationed in kenya.

“Two black paratroopers are suing the Army for racial abuse from soldiers who decorated their barracks with Nazi flags and pictures of Adolf Hitler.
Lance Corporal Nkululeko Zulu and Private Hani Gue, both of the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (3 Para), told an employment tribunal on Tuesday how they were subjected to racial slurs like "black c--t" and "n-----".

“Throughout the Askari Storm exercise, Pte Gue said he heard 3 Para refer to Kenyan forces and locals as 'n-----' and 'African idiots'.”

Mrs Shosho

I just need to look at Africa where the low IQ people live.
My gut feeling always tells me that those who repeatedly refer to other peoples' IQ to back themselves up have serious issues within themselves. I know I am right when I look at how IQs are talked about on KT. You will hadly hear such convos in real life nomal situations.

Tom Bayeye

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Low IQ fool read the article before commenting shit. What does their names have to do with anything? Low IQ is killing Africa.
My original title: Low IQ black kenyans suffer racism from jungu

But admins changed it.
O.k,i see you've lived up to your potential as a SV,must be difficult for you exhausting your entire vocabulary in one sentence,that title, thats the one i saw you fucktard. Youmake alot of noise for someone who says nothing.Umeng'angana na "low IQ" kwa kila post. i've been called worse things by better people. The way you talk ,i bet your height is equivqlent to your IQ non the less,i hope you're freakishly tall.Who ties your shoes in the morning ukitoka btw?


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So the victims of racism are the low IQs and not the racists? I ask again what kinda fucked up shit did you go through to have this kinda self hate