Blast 4rm the past...toast mkamba mike sonko back in the days

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This is Gold

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Yes tht is the current wifey...if u look at her now hio stamp utaitoa haraka haraka. Tells u alot about women especially African women, akishaolewa wanajiwachilia. Sanasana hii tabia ina madem wasapere

sai anaka pipa
If you want to know whether your fiancee will turn out to be a liquor barrel or oil drum, just take a closer look at her mother and you will get a picture of what she will turn out to be. If your mother in law (to be) has a shape like a busaa drum and your fiancee has a slender & model shape, don't be deceived by her current form- just rest 100% assured that within a couple of years into your marriage, utakuwa unalipa viti za watu watatu kwa mathree na mko tu nyinyi wawili...


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Kuna gym hurudisha size and shape ya kuma?Kichwa ya mtoi ikishapitia hapo hiyo kitu inakua kaput.Ata ukuje na hio 9'' yako hawaskiagi chochote.It will take years!

Reminds of a discussion we had with a mixed group of ladies and guyz, it was about whether or not most women who have fallen pregnant and given birth should know at the back of their minds that the huzzy has obviously eaten other pussys. The lady were in denial but in the end they agreed that many men will f**k outside atleast once when the wife is pregnant
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